A brand is a promise. It informs customers what they can expect from a company’s products and services. Branding starts with the messaging that defines who the company is and what the company attributes are. It’s the voice of the company. It is the mission and philosophy, the office environment, how the phone is answered, how customers are greeted, staff attire and even email signatures. Branding includes everything about the company’s personality. Is it friendly, formal, sporty, laid-back, hip, gritty or serious? Good branding will define that. Consistency will add to the story of the brand and make it stronger and more effective. The company voice is applied to all aspects of the brand ­– all written material and all visual material.

This is where I come in. The visual component. My roll is to design all materials that have print or web applications. A logical starting place is a logo, a color palette and essential typography. The big three jumping off points for any other materials: brochures, booklets, web banners, annual reports, packaging, vehicle decals, sell sheets, corporate identity, anything. You name it; I’ll design it.